Starting your day with a nourishing smoothie can be a quick and easy no excuse to skip breakfast on-the-go!

We all know that planning our meals for the day helps us stay focused, preventing us from reaching out for sweets late afternoon. But the reality of it is sometimes eating 5 and 6 meals a day can be rather difficult to achieve.

I find you can pack a lot of nutrition in a smoothie, making it easier to balance your macros for the day, keeping that metabolism fired up and moving. If you are not a big fan of greens, simply add your favourite tasting protein shake to the mix and chances are you won’t even taste them. Right now I am testing the Sunwarrior range.

Why do people love Sunwarrior? Well, this particular product is a plant based protein, with a smooth texture that blends easily without the usual grainy effect found in other veggie based protein powders. Free of gluten, solvents, GMOs, radiation, artificial flavours and many other nasties, what’s not to like really? You can purchase Sunwarrior products here

Experimentation is fun, and if you want a smoothie that is guaranteed to be delicious, it’s probably best to start with something that has been tried and true.

Add this healthy smoothie recipe to your weekly nutrition plan and you’ll be bursting with energy not to mention glowing, from the inside out in no time!



Cucumber, Lime and Spinach Smoothie


½ a cucumber

1½ cup spinach, washed with stems removed

One lime juiced

1 serving Sunwarrior Vanilla Protein

1 cup water or coconut water (note coconut water contains carbs)

Ice cubes optional


Place all ingredients into a high powered blender with heavier greens on top

Blend for 40-45 seconds or until smooth consistency is reached

Pour into glass and enjoy!

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xox Kerry @ Style Culture

Who is Kerry K

Style Culture Styling founder Kerry Athanassiou is a Sydney, Inner West based Fashion Stylist and Personal Trainer, who truly understands the impact body changes can have on how we dress daily andon our overall wellbeing. Having lived in the inner west for over 18 years, Kerry is a proud believer in “keeping it local”. With the running of her own business, a mum of two children and also a marathon runner, she lives by the words eat well- feel well and in return you will want to dress well.

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