BOOBS ON THE RUN – TERM 5 – Courses starting 12th October!

If you are completely new to running or if you’ve just let it lapse, then our beginners’ course, Get Running, is the perfect solution for you. It’s the chance to get fitter and gradually build your running stamina in a supportive and encouraging environment.

We offer a holistic approach to running which includes access to Physiotherapy, a nutritionist, a chiropractor and different cross training exercises as well as our running shoe specialist. You will also have access to our closed group community, where you can share ideas, share your runs and arrange runs with other community members.

Get Running (Beginners)

Monday evening | 7:30 PM | GLEBE

Tuesday morning | 6:00 AM | IRON COVE

Tuesday evening | 7.30 PM | CONCORD

Wednesday evening | 7.30 PM | IRON COVE

Thursday evening | 7:30 PM | CENTENNIAL PARK

Thursday evening | 7:30 PM | RYDE

Stay Running (Intermediate)

Monday evening | 7.30 PM | GLEBE

Tuesday evening | 7.30 PM | CONCORD

Wednesday morning | 6:00 AM | CENTENNIAL PARK

Wednesday evening | 7:30 PM | IRON COVE

10 weeks for just $135. This includes $10 contribution towards cancer support activities.