See the woman in the purple shirt at the back? Well that’s me.

We started this run at our lululemon Australia and New Zealand #runimmersion and these guys took off! At 2km they were cracking out a pace that I just couldn’t keep up with and was 500metres behind.

I had a moment of thinking – “should I just turn around and walk back” or “I’m not fast enough, I’m not good enough” –

It doesn’t matter how long you have been running, we all have the mean girl in our heads that tell us we can’t do something.

Then I had a “fuck it” moment and decided that I wanted to finish this run. I used my mantra “You can achieve what you imagine” and I knew I could do it and it didn’t matter I was at the back.
I was getting it done.

We all have moments of self doubt! Not only in running, but in every day events. This showed me I need to have self belief. I am more than just running and I am important.


#runningisforeverybody #WeareBOTR

By: Melanie Warman – Principal Run Leader and Owner