Alison MacDonald

Senior Run Leader

Nickname: Everyone knows me as Ally
Where did your passion for running come from: I played stacks of team sport as a kid/teen but never enjoyed running for its own sake. Fast forward a decade and I start running with a mate in a work “Corporate Cup” team. The Corporate Cup is a fortnightly 6km PB-based points race round Mrs Macquarie’s Chair – how could you not love that, one of the prettiest locations in the world to run! Ran my first City to Surf in August 2000 and my first half marathon in May 2001. And joining Boobs on the Run in mid-2016 (after my dad died, and my training partner moved to Noosa) brought me fully back into my love for running. Thank you Mel and BOTR!
Favourite food: Yoghurt + The Healthy Chef protein powder + passionfruit + muesli. I could eat this for every meal. No joke.
Least favourite workout: hills … I know how good they are for me though ! Not a massive fan of lunges either
Favourite run route: in Sydney, Blackwattle Bay. So pretty! But my absolute favourite is around my mum’s place in Gundary. Dirt roads, bush, kangaroos and wombats. The best.