Emma Trehy

Run Leader

Nickname: Em
Where did your passion for running come from:  I genuinely love running! I am an avid parkrunner and also a running guide for vision-impaired runners with Achilles. I am passionate about how inclusive, fun and accessible running is as a sport. Running is my ‘me time’ as a Mum and it gives me the space I need to clear my head and manage the daily juggle.  Running has brought the most amazing people and experiences into my life and events have taken me to some incredible places over the last few years.
Favourite food:  Potatoes
Least favourite workout: Burpees and/or Hills!
Favourite run route: Close to home – the Bondi to Coogee coastal route, Royal National Park trails and Narrabeen Lagoon loop would be on the list, but my absolute favourite is the spectacular trails in and around Queenstown, New Zealand.