Joy-Ann Brewer

Run Leader

Nickname: JB
Where did your passion for running come from:Hmm tough one but mainly I started running as I wanted to get fitter and be a good example for my kids, it had to be a sport that would fit into our lives. It gave me mental space which we all need with the busy world! I fell in love with then got a little addicted ????????. Running has impacted so many aspects of my life now. I’m actually a shy introvert ( people never believe that!) but running has given me such confidence to give new things a go!!
Favourite food:Percy pigs (Marks & Spencer lolly) and potato bread (Irish bread made with yes you guessed it potatoes!)
Least favourite workout:  Squats
Favourite run route: I’m very predicable but mainly love running the bay but has some beautiful runs recently in Ireland.