Lesley Mason

Senior Run Leader

Nickname: Lesl
Where did your passion for running come from: It all started in March 2014 with a desire to lose a little weight, and a goal of being able to run around the Bay Run non-stop. When I was training for my first marathon in September 2015, something changed inside. I began to identify as a runner. By making the choice to try, RUNNING CHANGED MY LIFE. The more women I meet through running, the more I understand that my experience is not at all unique. Running changes the lives of women because it exposes a part of ourselves we didn’t realise was there. There is a surreal moment when you realise that inspiration and support are both within you as well as being around you. This is why I run, and why I want to help other women run.
Favourite food: All the Food! Just don’t let me get hangry!
Least favourite workout:  Burpees
Favourite run route:  Running from Balmain into the city via the ANZAC bridge and Harbour foreshore. It’s a fab way to enjoy Sydney and so beautiful. Just go early before it gets crowded!