Michaëlla Steiner

Run Leader

Nickname: Don’t have one, but sometimes my family call me “M”
Where did your passion for running come from: Definitely  from my father. He had been running ever since I can remember, and I always admired him for it…in my early 20’s, we ran the Marine Corp Marathon in Washington DC, and a running monster was created in me.  I love the feeling that running gives—the therapeutic getaway into my own world… the euphoric feeling that the endorphins provide…the feeling of accomplishment and being outdoors…the ease of just going out and doing it (no need to drive far away, put on equipment, rely on a team).  Now-a-days I prefer a quality mid-distance run.
Favourite food: Love almost ALL food, but especially snacking on crunchy raw veggies (with a glass of sauvignon blanc!)
Least favourite workout: Anything indoors or staying still (not a fan of gyms, or even using equipment outdoors).  I need a constant change of scenery and to keep moving!
Favourite run route: The foreshore of Sydney Harbour from Woolloomooloo via Farm Cove–Opera House—The Rocks and across the Harbour Bridge.Feel so spoiled to be able to do this!