I have always wanted to become a runner and learn to enjoy running. I have always tried in the past to get into running but have only ever done it on my own with no support and training and as a consequence have always given up thinking I hate running and can’t do it.

Recently my husband was encouraging me to start running again and I stared at the interval training he had printed out and stuck on the fridge knowing I wasn’t keen. I then saw a business post for Boobs on the Run and was suddenly interested to start running again but with support.

I joined get running incredibly nervous that I would not be able to keep up or handle the pace. Far from it! I followed the programme and slowly built up to the 30 minute run at the end. I have loved getting to know my running team and actually look forward to Thursday nights when we all go running together.

I have now joined Stay Running and am pleased with my progress. I feel so invigorated and alive after my runs and enjoy making time to get out of the house and have some “me time” when I go running.

Thanks Melanie and Boobs on the Run