Pinnacle Spine & Sports

Inner West

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Pinnacle Spine & Sports (formerly the Chiro Health & Rehab Centre) is a centre dedicated to helping people from all walks of life improve their health & wellbeing with the combination of chiro, physio, massage and Pilates. The combination of these specialties allows us to get to the bottom of whatever issue it is you may be experiencing, and make sure you are on your way to recovery as quickly as possible. Founded in 2006, the clinic has established itself firmly within the community of Concord West & surrounds, and is delighted to be partnered with Boobs on the Run. Our philosophies align perfectly, and we love seeing people continue to take that next step to improving their way of life. Our mantra is that we believe there is always room for better, and we are here to help you find your pinnacle. Appointments available until 7pm mid-week and on Saturday mornings, with immediate online booking available through our website. We’re looking forward to meeting you and helping you find your pinnacle.