Get Running

For the complete beginner…

This program will help you start your running journey.

We’ll work together and get you running for 30 minutes continuously at a chatty pace.


I need to move my body


I have a huge mental load


I have no time for myself

You may feel like you don’t recognise yourself

You’re not alone

Our Get Running Program is for the complete beginner, or someone coming back to running after a pause.

Join a supportive community of women who are all in the same boat

I was not a runner and avoided it like the plague, but somehow BOTR has turned me into someone who chooses to run. I started about two years ago in the midst of COVID as a way to keep moving while gyms were closed. The first week I turned up, with absolutely no confidence in my ability to run for even 1 minute, but 10 weeks later I was able to run 30 minutes, non-stop without dying.

It’s not just about the running though. Mel from BOTR and the run leaders have created a community that is supportive, encouraging and FUN. Now I see our weekly runs as a social outing – we chat about our weeks, talk through things that are troubling us, and laugh our heads off. All while running!

If you’re wavering and trying to decide whether to give it a crack, all I can say is, give it a go. It’s a great way to create a healthy habit, make friends and kick off an unhealthy addiction to activewear.

Rowena Hodges


How does it work?

Our Get Running Program will get you from walking to running in a safe and supportive environment. Over 10 weeks you will get advice, tips and training, and make lots of friends along the way.

You also get access to a whole heap of benefits with your membership.

Led by our qualified Run Leaders, and an awesome community of women, your success is our success.

You show up, we take care of the rest!

Join our 10 week program to get you running from nothing to 30 minutes continuously at a chatty pace for only $35 per week.

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Join the thousands of women who have contributed to our amazing Charity Partners

National Breast Cancer Foundation / Mother’s Day Classic

$10 of every program is donated

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Join our 10 week program to get you running from nothing to 30 minutes continuously at a chatty pace for only $35 per week.

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