At 44, following a radical hysterectomy which resulted in surgical menopause I was eager to ensure that I could look after my heart and bone health which is impacted by menopause. I have been a gym goer and personal trainer devotee at different times of my life but a busy schedule meant that I wanted to undertake a new form of exercise that was time efficient and independent.  So, running it was.  I found BoTR by accident via social media.  I signed up for a Get Running program at the start of 2020 and during the first meet and greet session I met the ‘face of approachable running’, Ally MacDonald.  I have now just started my 4th program with BoTR and Ally is still my run leader.  I am now ‘a runner’.  I run for my mental and physical health and for the fabulous women I have met during your running programs.  I have taken advantage of BoTR partners (iMove and Running Science) to keep me running safely and I schedule my life around my early morning group and homework runs with my ‘girls’. The wonderful, authentic, generous and supportive women who have become such an important part of my life.  Thank you for starting your wonderful program.  Attached is a photo of two of my running friends who I met through that first program.  I have permission to share this photo as we all feel exactly the same way about BoTR (Meischak, Kim and Caroline.).  Thank you!