R O W E N A   H O D G E S

How long have you been running, and when did you join BOTR?

I joined BOTR in August 2020 and have been running ever since.

What brought you to BOTR?

It was in the midst of the pandemic, my social life had shrunk and I couldn’t go to the gym, I’d been through a really full on time emotionally in the 24 months prior, and thought having a crack at running might help me take back control of my mental and physical health. I’d never been a runner – in fact I was intimidated even by the idea – and figured that BOTR might somehow help me to hate the idea less. SPOILER: it worked!

Can you share a favourite running memory?

The last few times I’ve been away for work, I’ve taken my gear and run along the Yarra River in Melbourne before heading to the office. There is something in the smug satisfaction that I’ve gotten outside in the beautiful crisp air, moved my body and cleared my head all while my colleagues are schlepping into the office on public transport. It’s so peaceful watching the city wake up.

Another fave, is an evening group run we did to a pop-up night noodle market. Started with a run, ended with dumplings and a cocktail. Balance!

Where are some of your favourite places to run? 

I love running anywhere near water, so along the Parramatta River from Ryde to Parramatta is top of my list. But my favourite thing is running in the rain when the weather is warm!

What are some of your favourite aspects of being part of the BOTR community?

The non-competitive, incredibly supportive sense of community has completely sucked me in. I’ve made some amazing friends, and now ‘boobs night’ is less about running, and more about catching up, hearing about each other’s week and having a laugh.

What does running mean to you? 

To me, running means that I’ve proven to myself that I can do hard things. It connects me to my body and gives me something that I can do on my own terms without being reliant on fancy equipment.