Are you ready for an exhilarating adventure through the breathtaking trails of Sydney? Look no further! We are thrilled to announce the Sydney Trail Explore Series, an extraordinary 10-week program that will take you on an unforgettable journey through some of the most stunning natural landscapes in and around Sydney. Lace up your running shoes and get ready to explore Kamay, La Perouse, Manly Dam, Balmoral, and more!

A Spectacular Lineup of Trails – This trail running series has been thoughtfully curated for both seasoned trail enthusiasts and newcomers looking to discover the scenic wonders of Sydney. From picturesque coastal paths to lush forest trails, each route spans from 7km to 10km, ensuring a variety of terrains to keep your running experience diverse and exciting.

Time to Set Your Schedules – Mark your calendars, as the adventure begins on the 15th of October 2023. Every Sunday at 7:00 am, participants will gather at the starting points of each trail for a guided run led by experienced coaches. As you traverse the trails, the coaches will be there to provide valuable insights and ensure you get the most out of your running experience.

Making the Most of the Journey – While the trail runs promise an enriching experience, we understand that some locations may require travel. To ease your preparations, we will provide you with the starting point and a detailed map for each run well in advance. This way, you can plan your journey accordingly, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience from start to finish.

The Price of Adventure – The Sydney Trail Explore Series is an investment in your physical well-being and an opportunity to connect with nature in its purest form. The program cost is $418, offering exceptional value for a well-organised and coached running adventure.

Embrace the Spirit of Exploration – Whether you are a seasoned trail runner seeking new challenges or someone looking to embark on a transformative journey, the Sydney Trail Explorer Series is tailor-made for adventurers like you. The camaraderie and sense of accomplishment you’ll gain from completing these runs will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.

What to Bring – Before you head out on the trails, ensure you come prepared with the essentials. Comfortable running attire, supportive footwear, a water bottle, and a sense of adventure are a must. Don’t forget to bring along your enthusiasm for exploration and an eagerness to discover Sydney’s hidden natural gems.

The Sydney Trail Explore Series is more than just a running program; it’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in the untamed beauty of Sydney’s trails and reconnect with nature in a meaningful way. So, if you’re ready to embark on a 10-week adventure that will leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime, sign up for the Sydney Trail Explore Series today! Unleash the runner within and be captivated by the magic of Sydney’s trails.


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