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🏞️🗓️ We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve decided to move to the Western Sydney Half Marathon due to recent changes in the Sydney Half Marathon.
Training will now commence on August 6th, leading up to the thrilling Half Marathon event on October 8th!
🤝🌟 Let us be your guiding light as we show you that you’re capable of conquering challenges you never thought possible. In our supportive community, we believe in your strength and determination to accomplish even the hardest tasks.
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STARTING POINT FOR RUNS: Drummoyne Swimming Pool (Henley Marine Drive AND Pet O Car Park in Annandale – next to the Tramsheds)

Runs will be from 6:30am every Sunday from 6th August (Please keep 2.5 hours available) until the Western Sydney Half Marathon on Sunday 8th October 2023. Each training run is planned, coached and in line with a half marathon plan. You are also provided with two homework runs each week.


Full Half Marathon Plan – 10 Weeks and 10 coached runs

BOTR Singlet OR T-Shirt included

Strength training program and injury prevention information

VIP Discounts for our BOTR members from our partners

2 gap free sessions with our partner physiotherapists

Discounted chiropractor sessions available

Our in house physiotherapist and Nutritionist are on hand in our closed Facebook Community to answer any questions you may have.

Access to our Closed Sydney Half Marathon community for BOTR members where you can share ideas, share your runs and arrange runs with other community members.

COST: $418 (Please note this does not include entry into the Half Marathon, but you receive a small discount if you join the Boobs on the Run team when you register)