Our Food Solutionist Virginnia at Nourishing Pantry talks about the importance of salt.

SALT – do you love it or hate it?
We all know the dangers associated with too much salt in the diet and especially the link between high consumption and hypertension or kidney stones.

But did you know that if you have too little salt it can also be a bad thing?

Your body is a complex machine and there are lots of checks and balances in place to ensure that the sodium/ potassium balance inside and outside the cells is optimal.

While the link between low sodium and muscle cramps is now thought to be less important, dehydration plays a major role. If you are on a particulally low salt diet and consume no processed foods it may be worth putting a tiny pinch of salt into your water bottles to help hydrate your cells.

If you do suffer from cramps, transdermal magnesium may help, or a magnesium bath. If they are really bad it may be worth looking into tissue salts from a naturopath.

PS I love salt, couldn’t live without it. hmmmmm hot chips and salt